Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an MVP app?

    In the universe of application development, an MVP is a minimally viable product. It is an app that has all of the core features required to prove that people will use it, but not all of the bells and whistles that it will have when it's “completed”.

    An MVP is not a “beta” version of an app. A beta is one that is not ready to be introduced to the public. An MVP app can be published to the App Store and shared with everyone, including (and hopefully) with potential investors who will see the value of its purpose.

    It may be that you don't really need an iOS app and a mobile-optimized website – which can often be done much less expensively – will suffice as your MVP. If that's the case, we’ll let you know.

  • Six weeks seems like a long time. Why can’t it be done more quickly?

    It probably can be completed more quickly. It depends on how complicated the idea is and the answers to a bunch of questions you probably have not even considered yet.

  • How much experience do you have?

    I have been a programmer since 1994. I got into web development in 1996 and have been creating full-blown web applications since 2000. In 2007 I began creating mobile-optimized websites, and in 2014 I made the leap to creating iOS apps.

    For over a decade now I have been managing project development for dozens of clients around the world.

  • Why is your company named “Jacket Industries”?
    I have two sons that I love more than life itself and “Jacket” is a combination of their first names. (And who doesn't like a nice jacket?)